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Morinaga BF-1 (700g / 900g)

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Morinaga Bf-1 is a nutritious formula for infant development & growth. 

The brand new formula is enhanced with Nucleotides, Taurine, Beta-Carotene, and many other essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals in a balanced ratio, sufficiently meeting the necessary requirements of your loved ones. It is formulated with a balanced ratio of AA & DHA, GOS, and well sufficient amount of 5 Nucleotides, to provide the optimal nutrients for young children from 1 year and above.

Breast Milk is the best food for your baby and helps in preventing diarrhea and other illness. If breastfeeding is not adapted due to medical reason, BF-1 can be used as a breast milk substitute for infant feeding.

Features highlight:

  • Morinaga BF-1 is made and packaged in the Netherlands
  • Contains Nucleotides which promotes intestinal development
  • Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Enriched with DHA which is essential fatty acid for brain function and nervous system
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