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Similac Isomil Plus 1-10 Year (400g/850g)

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Isomil Plus is recommended for special feeding needs such as cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA), lactose intolerance and feeding during and after diarhea and for vegetarians.

A nutritionally complete, soy-based, lactose-free formula for children from 1 to 10 years old. It is formulated for children with cow’s milk protein allergy (allergy or sensitive to cow’s milk protein), lactose intolerance, galactosemia and those on a vegetarian diet. Common cow’s milk protein allergy symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea and skin rashes.


  • Neclotides to help support the immune system
  • Calcium for strong bones
  • Prebiotics to help promotes digestive health

Important Notes:

Healthcare professionals should be consulted before deciding to use Isomil.

Halal Certification

Abbott Nutrition produces Halal products at various locations under the supervision of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) or the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) or the Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE). The following products sold in the Malaysian retail market, are free from Haram and doubtful ingredients, hence Halal and suitable for consumption by Muslims.